Top bar information missing in Solex?

The manual shows the top bar contains a second row with ground speed, GPS, flight time, etc.

However, when I use the Solex app it just shows the first row of information. I’m using vehicle view with FPV camera not map view. Mostly Loiter mode. Solex / Herelink version is 1.1 with Ardupilot.

Is there a way to get the useful information in the 2nd row of the top bar to show up?

Don’t quote me on this but I think that’s for the Solo version of Solex. Didn’t think they have a HereLink Solex manual?

Thank you for your reply! I did get this info from the from a Herelink Blue userguide and I have a Herelink Black, so maybe that could be the issue but they are supposed to be nearly identical.

Hi John,

Try long-pressing on the top bar. By default, the 2nd top bar is invisible. Long-pressing on the top one reveals the lower one.


Long-press worked, thanks!

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