Translate QGC to Spanish

Hello, I have the QGC file for your translation into Spanish, it has been offered to us by the SKYDROID provider, which we work with in Spain for its Stations.

We would like to know if it is possible that we help translate the application of QGC into Spanish, and whether to facilitate this app also with this language, since remembering the Spanish language is also used by many people, and QGC is used by many multicopters in the world.

My question is really possible if I translate the file I can share it here, and someone really upload it to have the possibility of having another language like Spanish?

If you add it as a pull request at GitHub, we can merge it in.
This is the awesome power of open source!


I didn’t understand what you mean by GitHub

This is where all the code is

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Once my file has been translated into Spanish, I upload it here?

As a pull request, yes

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