Transmission Circuit Protection

Dear All,

Hope to be able to get some help from the technical team. I currently having issues with a Herelink Controller unit which is expression short distance radio failsafe. Upon further inspection it was found that the Herelink Controller Directional Antenna have a broken cable, which might cause the drop in range leading to the failsafe.

Since the broken antenna was only found after experience the failsafe, would to have the clarification for the following:

  1. Is there any in build circuit protection for the Transmission module in the event of a broke antenna being attached to the controller?
  2. Is there method that the Tech team can provide to be able to deduce if the Herelink has fault/damaged transmission module that cause the short distance fail safe.

Hi @philip , is there anyone that you can put me into contact to help answer some queries that I have?

The tx path is well protected, lack of antenna will not damage it.

Your reseller can get you a new antenna

Hi @philip

Is the Tx path of airunit also “well protected”?
Asking just out of curiosity, how long can the airunit sustain without an of the antennas?

Hey @philip Thanks for the quick reply, would there be any method you would recommend for me to test the Herelink if it faulty? as I am experience short range failsafe on this particular unit.

Another Quick question would there be replacement part for Faulty Herelink Controller Gimbals and LCD Screen Burn?

Contact your reseller to see if they can offer some parts, a few resellers do, but we don’t directly.