Try DShot ESC with Orange Cube

Hi all,

I’m here beceause I’m trying to implement DShot for my esc without success. First of all here is my configuration Orange Cube with my owm PCB. I have 6 motor with 6 TMOTOR ESC F35A 3-5S. All signal ESC wire are connected to 80 pin Orange cube pin 80 for esc 1 and 70 for esc 6.
But when I tried to add DShot support with mission planner it’s doesn’t work.
After some researches I’ve read this is impossible to use DShot with orange cube if esc aren’t connected to Aux port is it true ? So if I want to be able to use DShot I have to connect my esc to pin 50-60 for FMU aux port ?
I want DShot beceause I’d like to have telemetry from my esc

I confirmed what I said above we can’t use DShot with main output we have to use Aux port to do this, so bad news to me, I should have inquired before drawing my own pcb.

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Hello, before you switched to the auxiliary output did your motors spin at all? I am use fchub 12s PCB and xrotor 32bit 60 4in1. My previous build I used xrotor pro.

Did you try auxiliary output?? I have and still zero motor spin. Zero response from anyone…and I can’t get into GitHub.

Yes with the aux port in the mini carier board dshot works well and I can get the telemetry

Did you wired the TX (esc) to the signal (cube) on the Aux output?