Trying to get a product key

Hi, I have a Herelink device which has been updated which now requires a product key.
The SN is HX4-06075-9500604

It would be great if someone is able to help on this. If any more details are required please let me know

Many thanks

Hey there,
Thank you for reaching out. I understand that your Herelink device has been updated and now requires a product key. To assist you further, could you please provide the following details:

  1. The specific software or firmware version that your Herelink device has been updated to.
  2. Any documentation or instructions that came with the update regarding the product key requirement.
  3. Any additional context or details about the issue you’re experiencing.

With this information, I’ll do my best to help you resolve the issue with the product key requirement for your Herelink device.

Hi Lisa,

I’m updated to the latest version which I downloaded from How To Update Firmware | CubePilot

I also tried on the radio seeing a version but couldn’t find any details. right after start its come up with the “Register Device” / Please enter your Product Key. Only hardware details I have is
Model: HX4-06075
SN: HX4060759500604

The details I received from a colleague is that it was bought somewhen 2019 (which also might explain why there is no sticker on the backside including a product key).

I was hoping that I could get some help here.

Kind regards,


sonic67 was a Chat bot that acquired membership here and imitated a support account in several posts.

The account has been disabled.

Back in 2019 the product keys were affixed to the outside of the box that the Herelink was shipped in and they all included a warning “Do Not Lose This Key”

You’ll need to contact the person you purchased it from or the original reseller to get a replacement product key. It is also possible that you bought a fake unit. And since you are new here, it was the availability of fake units that forced us to have to create product keys in the first place.