Tuning through simulation

Hi everyone

Forced by the weather but with a great desire to tuning on the Cube, I ask you if it is possible to simulate the behavior of an UAV through simulation.

Let me explain better … I don’t speak of automatic navigation but of tuning for example to optimize Roll and DesRoll … or Pitch and DesPitch … in short, all those parameters that are refined after a truck

Can you clarify me better on function and if it exists and is reliable in the real world?

Thank you

Can anyone give me some info about it?

SITL allows the sympulation but with the use of many programs that I attempted to download but I find everything very complicated and also following the instructions, they are procedures overcome by subsequent versions of subsequent programs no longer participating in the description

The most immediate question is: by loading the .params file in Missionplanner, through Sitl, is the navigation responding to the PID? Let me explain better … if I modify the pids of roll/pitch/yaw and then I introduce weather variables (wind, etc.), is the simulation real and consistent with the changes?
I mean by Sitl without loading other external programs that run in Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

Thank you