Two air units and external RC Transmitter - Possibile?

Is it possible to connect two air units together (without using a Ground Unit)?

I have right now a Horus X10s (OpenTX) with an RFD868x as my RC Transmitter (SBus for stearing the drone and to get Mavlink Telemetry Data to the Ground). For Video i use still an old Analog Video Transmitter.
For Groundstation i use an Android Tablet (RFD868x (that in the Horus X10s) is connectet via Bluetooth) with an USB Analog Video RX. And QGround is running on the Tablet to view the live Video and Data.

Now my plan is to “retrofit” the whole system to Digital Video.

I was playing around with the Herelink system, but i have to say that i am not very pleased with the Ground Unit. Its good for small Video Drones, but for big drones with a lot of features (agriculture, Lidar, delivery, … Drones - where you need a lot of funktions, Buttons, Switches) it is not the right for me.
With the Horus X10s i have more freedom, to program all i need and i have more Switches/Buttons to use (no short press/long press … - it confuses you when you are in a hurry/emergency).

So is there a way to connect two Air Units together to have a system for transmit SBus/PPM from the Ground to the Copter, for transmit HDMI Video from the Copter to the Ground and to have a mavlink connection from the Ground to the Copter.

BR Ingo

No in this stage.

But if you have a device which is capable to connect to wifi and mavlink network, it can send commands to the air unit via controller, which gives the same result as your description.

thanks for the answer, but in that case you have the Ground Unit laying around and only acts as a “relay”.

But it´s an beginning.

Is it planded in the future to connect two air units??

There is plan. But we don’t have any guaranteed schedule.

Ah ok - thanks for info!