UART port and mavlink port of cube orange


Is it possible to use other UART ports of the cube orange as mavlink ?

I already read the docs that it is possible by assigning the serialx protocol to mavlink. But still confirm that is it possible. Here is my setup.

TELEM 1 port of cube orange ------------------> Herelink telemetry connected ( require mavlink )
TELEM 2 port of cube orange ------------------> Air commander entire connected ( require mavlink )
USB port of cube orange -------------------> Raspberry pi connected with UAVMATRIX software
for 4g control of drone (require mavlink)
GPS 1 port of cube orange ------------------> Need to connect raspberry pi (require mavlink)
GPS 2 port of cube orange --------------------> Need to connect another raspberry pi or nivida
( require mavlink)

So as you can see that these many mavlink needs to be assigned to the respective serial ports. Untill now I have seen mavlink 1 and mavlink 2. Where is mavlink 3, mavlink 4 and mavink 5 for USB, GPS 1 and GPS 2? As mavlink 1 for Telem 1, mavlink 2 for Telel 2, mavlink 3 for USB port, mavlink 4 for GPS 1, mavlink 5 for GPS 2. Because as much I know that mavlink 2 is running on telem 2 port then it can’t be used in GPS 1 port, Usb port, etc simultaneously. Because there are 5 mavlink devices to be connected as mentioned above but available are mavlink 1 and mavlink 2. But also need more mavlink. Am I wrong ? Is it possible to use mavlink 2 on telem 2 and same mavlink 2 on USB, GPS 1 and GPS 2. Any problem ? @Alvin

Yes the GPS ports can be used as uarts with Mavlink. You just configure as you need and you can then use CAN GPS

Mavlink 1 and 2 referres to the Mavlink version, not the serial port number.
You can assign Mavlink2 to any serial port that needs it. Probably avoid Mavlink1 unless you know you need that earlier version.

So it is posible to use usb port as mavlink 2, GPS 1 also as Mav 2 Aand GPS 2as Mav 2, Telem 1 as mav 2, Telem 2 as mav 2, etc ? I mean I can assign as many serial ports to the same mavlink 2 ? No interference ?

Yes as far as I know - I havent tried that many myself.
USB is Mavlink2 by default.

Thanks. But at least how many ports you assigned as mavlink in your case ? @xfacta