uAvionix, and CubePilot announce ADS-B IN capability for The Cube Autopilot

AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 - April 22, 2019

uAvionix, designer and manufacturer of communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) equipment for unmanned and manned aircraft today announced a partnership with CubePilot ( designer and manufacturer of the world leading “The Cube” autopilot (Formerly known as “Pixhawk”) for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – to integrate ADS-B IN receive capability into its Carrier Board.

The new Carrier Board, available in July this year, integrates uAvionix’s custom ADS-B silicon for 1090MHz ADS-B reception for worldwide Detect and Avoid (DAA) functionality. CubePilot, which Proudly uses the open-source ARDUPILOT platform, previously provided plug-and-play functionality for several uAvionix ADS-B IN and OUT products, including PingRX, Ping2020i and Ping1090i. Support for these products is retained in the new design, allowing for 978MHz ADS-B reception or integration of ADS-B OUT functionality.

With this integration, UAS operators will be able to see nearby ADS-B OUT enabled aircraft on ARDUPILOT’s Mission Planner, allowing the remote pilot in command (RPIC) with timely notification to take the necessary actions to remain well clear.

“With this partnership, uAvionix furthers our goal of ensuring safety and common situational awareness between airspace users,” states Christian Ramsey, uAvionix President. “We believe that ADS-B IN functionality should be a requirement for every DAA system for UAS operations over people or Beyond Visual Line of Sight, and that meeting that requirement should not be cost prohibitive.”

“The safe integration of UAS into the National airspace of any country needs to take a safety-first approach from all players. By partnering with uAvionix and including the ADSB-in at practically no cost to the customer, we remove the cost barrier, adding safety to our customers UAS solutions.” said Philip Rowse, CubePilot CTO. “We envisage this added situational awareness, and optional auto avoidance behavior will be an important step towards safely shared skies.”

Visit uAvionix at AUVSI XPONENTIAL in Chicago April 30-May 2, 2019 at Booth [4421] and CubePilot at Booth [1816].

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Outstanding! I’ve always felt ADS-B in was one of the most under-utilized features of ArduPilot. I required one small and rather inexpensive piece of a hardware (PingRX), and about 5 minutes of parameter configuration in Mission Planner. Having the hardware built into the carrier eliminates the one thing stopping people… having to buy a piece of hardware.

With ADS-B in to ArduPilot, the aircraft can detect and take positive evasive action away from a manned aircraft that has ADS-B out. In all likelihood, a so-equipped UAS will take evasive action long before the UAS operator and manned aircraft pilot ever notice each other.

One of the biggest collision threats are law enforcement and medivac helicopters. They are routinely flying low and fast. And virtually all of them are equipped with ADS-B out. Meaning our UAS can see and avoid the single biggest midair collision threat out there.



So is that built in Antanna for ADSB in front left side of carrier board?

Correct :slight_smile:
There is a footprint for a u.fl connector on the base for those needing something else


The Indian Drone Regulations, I think, I am not sure though, expects bigger Drones to have ADS-B OUTs rather than ADSB-IN.

Attaching the document below,

Please clarify with the working group, we have discussed this matter many times, and ADSB-out will only be required when flying over a given height, and in controlled airspace.

“11.2 The RPA intending to operate at or above 200 ft AGL shall carry the following equipment/capabilities in addition to those specified in Para 11.1 of this CAR:
a) SSR transponder (Mode ‘C’ or ‘S’) or ADS-B OUT equipment
b) Barometric equipment with capability for remote subscale setting
c) Geo Fencing capability
d) Detect and Avoid capability

Transmitting on ADSB frequencies outside of this requirement and without authorisation is an offence.

ADSB is not designed for that purpose, and it’s unfortunate that those errors in wording have led to such confusion.


For those needing ADSB-out, uAvionix supply these options. They are already compatible with ardupilot and the cube.


I understand this is for the standard Carrier Board, but now that Profi manufactures the Kore Carrier, is there any plans on installing this on it as well?


Not yet

Any updates of when the ADSB carrier board will be released and start shipping?

They are heading out as we speak

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If I understand correctly, these are only available as a purchase in combination with the Orange Cube at the moment? (I can’t find them separately or with black cube)

Orange is the new black…

All future Full carrier boards are with the ADSB
But blacks are on the old carrier till stocks run out.

There are few logical reasons to be getting a black at the price of the orange

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