UC Berkeley Sponsorship Inquiry

Dear AeroSystems West:
My name is Franklin Ho and I am the Director of External Relations for UAVs@B, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at UC Berkeley. We are a team of around 30 engineers, computer scientists, and researchers hoping to compete in the international AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition (SUAS). We would be really interested in a sponsorship that would help provide our team with much needed components, in return for corporate publicity. As a university team constantly exploring how to take advantage of the newest technologies in the drone field, we greatly appreciate any external support.

One big component of the SUAS Competition is autonomous flight. This requires a flight controller capable of managing a RTK GNSS link with centimeter-level precision, as well as a telemetry link with a base station to transmit data from the drone.

We strongly believe that the Cube Orange and the Here3 ecosystem is a perfect candidate for our drone design. The Hex Cube offers a highly capable processor that can properly manage the autopilot features which are required of our team in the competition, has a redundant power supply for greater safety, and redundant IMU’s for better reliability.

For further information about our team and our broader goals, please check out https://uav.berkeley.edu/.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this sponsorship possibility.
All best,