UgCS on/with Herelink?

Hello, we are considering to replace all our autopilots from other producers with the Cube (we’ve not decided yet between Ardupilot or PX4). It’s decisive and critical to know if - using the Herelink - we can install and use UgCS from the Herelink RC (or from another tablet connected to the system). Please let me know, thanks.

Hi Riccardo,

You can use whatever GCS app you wish if you:

  • connect to an existing network
  • establish an access point on herelink
  • over USB

Just use the preferred connection method.

Regarding the installation of third party apps, you’ll need to study the OEM Image installation or allow third party apps and install the APK. HL folks may assist you in the latter.


Thanks Dimitris,

UgCS needs its client app to manage the mission to the copter. That’s why I asked if we can install 3rd party apps.

I will try ASAP. Thank you, best regards.

UgCS don’t make a mobile app that works with ArduCopter/PX4, only DJI is supported.

However, it’s perfectly compatible with HereLink with ArduCopter (I don’t have experience with PX4). You can create a hotspot from the HereLink and connect to a laptop/PC running UgCS, and you’ll be able to upload missions and monitor telemetry. Alternatively, you can connect via a 5.8GHz wifi network (2.4GHz isn’t supported), but you’ll need to adjust the Ardupilot VSM config file (details available here).

On the HereLink, you can ‘read’ the mission using the QGCS app to update the map with waypoints, and monitor telemetry and video as if you were flying with Mission Planner. The UgCS mission buttons running on the laptop/pc will work as expected, and I believe you can even stream video, although I’ve found this extremely unreliable with the HereLink on the current firmware.

There’s a few caveats to note. Spline turns result in wavy mission lines, which can cause issues if you need very precise overlap - straight turns work without issue. HereLink has issues (not related to UgCS) with flights over 30 minutes, where a noticeable lag in video and telemetry will accumulate on the HereLink screen, which will eventually result in frequent app crashes around the 60 minutes mark. The telemetry sent to the laptop/pc isn’t delayed, but the app crash causes it to drop out until you can restart it.

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Thanks @Guy this is a very complete answer. We will follow your advices.