Ugreen cable doesn't work anymore?

after the update, i’m unable to use the ugreen cable via thethering usb
Any advice ?

Connecting to a screen using UGreen HDMI Cable.

Components Required:

  • [ ] 1x Herelink Controller
  • [ ] 1x UGreen USB to HDMI Digital AV Cable (UGreen PN: 50291)
  • [ ] 1x Micro USB - USB A Cable
  • [ ] 1x 3rd Party Screen with HDMI Input, eg TV, Monitor
  • [ ] 1x USB Power Source (can also be on the TV/Monitor or separate)
  • [ ] Camera Feed through Herelink Air Unit (optional)


  • Turn on Herelink Controller
  • Do not enter QGround Control or Solex
  • Use centre android screen button to exit the app if you have opened the app
  • On Herelink Controller In the bottom right corner tap the 6 little squares icon
  • Tap “Settings” - Big Gear Icon
  • Enable Developer Mode if not already enabled, by scrolling down to the bottom and tap on “About phone”
  • Scroll down to bottom of page and tap “Build Number” 8 times.
    A message will appear when Developer Mode is enabled.
  • Return back to “Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Developer Options”
  • In Developer Options turn on USB Debugging
  • Swipe down from the top edge of the screen to pull down Herelink Settings and Radio status.
  • Tap on the big white square that now has all the Radio Status information listed. The Radio/Joystick/Buttons menu will appear.
  • Under the Radio Tab, Scroll down to “Video Sharing” and ensure it is enabled
  • Now connect UGreen HDMI connector to your chosen screen
  • Connect the male USB A connector to a power source
  • Connect the female USB A connector to a Micro USB lead
  • Connect the Micro USB lead to the Micro USB port in the base of your Herelink Controller (You may receive a prompt to enable USB debugging, select “OK”)
  • After about 10 seconds, Your 3rd party screen will now display the same as the Herelink Controller screen


I am trying to find a company that will ship the UGreen usb to hdmi digital av adapter 50291 to USA. I can only find them in Australia. Is there another cable that will work? Looking for help finding one.

Thank you.

Hi David @dtd4485 ,

Bask Aerospace currently stock these cables on our webstore. We are able to ship to USA.

Best Regards,



Thank you!