Unable to connect to cube orange

unable to connect to orange cube when plugin with laptop the orange light of the cube turn on continuously and its start get hotter. no port detected on device manager and it used to work properly in few hours ago.

Possible that you have connected to a high speed USB port. Use a 2.0 USB port

I have tired it but same issue appear.

what is the USB port name shown under device manager

it don’t show any thing

strange it looks like you do not have any serial ports configured in your system…Are you using an external mouse ? you should enable serial ports in your bios of the computer

i change laptop and it the same issue I dont thing its because serial port because few hours before this issue appear i can connect and setting it freely.

it should detect and show the com port when the cube is connected.
In your case, i dont see any serial ports which i suspect may be the laptop

my laptop is working properly. I can connect to Arduino NANO normally.

thats a good sign…can you connect your arduino and show a screenshot of the device manager. Also connect the cube and show a screenshot as well