Unable to Flash Ground or Air Unit

Recently purchased a few herelinks, and the newest update was pulled to the ground station, and the air unit was unable to pair. No biggie, just update the firmware on both units right? After following the instructions and putting the controller into boot mode, the following screen appeared.

I have tried to update drivers and even delete the android driver and let the herelink set it up. I just need to pair my air units to my controllers… Any ideas?

Windows 10

Okay I answered my own question. It was a driver issue. Download Zadig:


Plug in air unit while externally powered. Select mass storage (can find out which is which by unplugging and plugging in air unit from USB) on the top dropdown. it will fill in the left field. the right field should be default to WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385).

Hope this helps someone.

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