Unable to set FLOW_RATE_HZ to default

My HereFlow was working before (saw some x/y values).

Then I changed the FLOW_RATE_HZ to 40 and IMU_RATE_HZ to 200 to see if it does anything, but it didn’t work.

Going to the parameters again i noticed they changed to some very small exponential values.

So now I tried to set them back to integer 20 and 100 respectively, do write params and/or commit params, reboots, power off… But it never works and the values seem to have converted to some E- values every time I read them from the board again.

Any way to reset it to the defaults, mybe by reinstalling the fw?

So I set those values to around 1000000000000 which after writing and then loading the parameters again, at some point yielded values remotely closer to normal and suddenly I get a flow reading again and it seems to work fine looking at the status.

But now when I go into SLCAN, it takes about 15 seconds until the hereflow item is fully recognized in the CAN list (before it was 1 Sec). And when I load the parameter list it returns only one or two parameters or none, so I can not check what the values are now.

I am happy that it works for now, but somebody should look into this. It seems the two RATE parameters can get disturbed by entering in-range parameters. And they accept the input of out of range parameters, like 0 and 1000+

For reference in above screen shot if I enter 1155555555 and 1125555555, then Write Params, then Load Paramsm, the values are about 28.67 and 150,61 and flow works.
Input 1100000000 yields 18.08 and Input 1120000000 yields 96.92. Hope that helps somebody at some point.