Unable to setup hereflow

Copter latest master, latest beta mission planner, cubeblack. Following all but one step in the setup pdf (FLOW_TYPE not shown in latest master) I have no indication at all from flow or rangefinder and have bad flow health warning. I connected the hereflow to UAVCAN GUI and it showed proper operation and was able to assign a can node id

As stated in the announcement this PR needs to be merged for it to work or you can build it yourself with the PR

Ah, I see now. Thanks, I miss understood that portion.

Thanks for the enlightenment :sunglasses:


The PR has now been merged to master

I am having the same problem, but I don’t understand the solution. Is the PR the file pr-uavcan-flow? Where is it located? In the pdf it says “Here Flow has not been ready on the APM firmware stable version. Master firmware is needed before the release of copter3.7
Firmware update instructions: Hereflow Setup instructions ALPHA Batch” but the link does not lead to Firmware update instructions.

Easy process but first I must reiterate all of the cautions stated in the release statements. This system is in Alpha testing phase, both the Hex hardware and the Ardupilot firmware. There is always a risk involved at this stage of development.
You can download latest master from the Ardupilot firmware download page, first select your vehicle type then select “latest”, then your controller type, and finally select the .apj file, it will be downloaded to your downloads directory. Then you can flash the file to your controller through Mission Planner by using the “load custom firmware” selection. It will open your downloads directory and the select the .apj file you downloaded.
Latest master firmware is a work in process and is updated by several developers on a daily basis, it is mostly very stable but occasionally a break happens that previously went unnoticed. Be prepared for the unexpected and detailed reporting to the development team.

Cheers, RB

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Thanks. That did it.

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Is there any calibration necessary like the PX4FLOW sensor like scaling the x and y readings?

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It would not hurt to at least log them and check. No one has stated it needs done but makes sense to me.