Unable to upgrade firmware on orange cube

I am unable to upgrade the firmware of my orange cube. While in the process mission planner gives me an error: no response from board. I’m using mission planner 1.3.74, build
Your help is greatly appreciated

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Also, I’m getting the following error immediately after clicking on my frame type to install the upgrade.

Fail to discover ID. Please reconnect via USB and try again

hi every one . i suggest you to upgrade u r cub from using simulation tab .

Does the Orange Cube appear in your device manager?


Make sure you have reinserted the drivers from the mission planner downloads page. I would perform a driver flush then down load them again. When the Orange is connected correctly you should see both a Mavlink com port and a can com port. While it may look correctly installed if your only getting a single com port it’s likely not.

Update the drivers to the latest.

Thank You!

I have same problem with the Cube orange, but I can see both Mavlink port and Can port in device manager, but still when I try to load or update firmware it says “Fail to discover ID. Please reconnect via USB and try again”. I have same problem with all orange cubes, but it works with black cubes.

Are you using Mission Planner or QGC?

I use MP version 1.3.74 on Windows 10.

Did you select the right port at the right-hard corner in Mission Planner?
You should be selecting the mavlink COM port.
You can also try to re-install the drivers:

It’s likely still a driver issue. I would remove all the older drivers with the flush in mission planner and then install the latest driver again.
Control F and flush the drivers and download again.

Yes, when I deleted all drivers from the computer and installed them again it finally works. Thanks!