Unkown flight mode

I checked for a support forum for SoloTX… Not much help unless you own a wood stove. So in Solo TX, all flight modes show up on the TX as unknown. Is there some setting to fix this? Solo knows it’s a rover, but doesn’t understand the different modes. When I go back to copter, it works as normal.

What firmware are you using on the autopilot? My Ardurover works fine with Herelink.

Last stable and now the new beta. Maybe because modes are just assigned to buttons in solex which activate mavlink commands? I have no flight modes assigned in Mission planner, so nothing stored on the cube. Actually I noticed today that selecting a flight mode from the solex drop down menu did nothing. I needed to use the buttons (while are assigned in solex).

Or maybe it’s too cold😂

Are you sure the telemetry is connecting?
Also, try to select a flight mode before switching to another mode from Herelink.