Unsupported Unit Type! message

OK I screwed up. Just picked up a Herelink with 1.1 air unit. When I powered up the transmitter it wanted to update but said I should update the air unit first. This was out of the box, never paired, so I just figured I would use flasher_win to update the air unit, then pair it after the transmitter was done. Now when I power up the air unit I get a single red flash of LED 2 and that’s it. Sending +12 V, and also tried on another aircraft with working Herelink radios. When connected to Flasher_win now I get “Unsupported Unit Type!” message and windows wants to repair the “drive.”

How do I go about recovering the air unit? I don’t think I cooked anything just botched the firmware install.

how old was your flasher_win ?

grab a new version and try again

Fairly old (predating the flasher_mac app), but I don’t think that was the root cause because I removed everything and started over, still no difference. I ended up trying it with flasher_mac (after seeing it show up as a flash drive, Android device, and not at all in Windows Device Manager) and it worked. Once flasher_win started behaving as in another thread (script ended with a message similar to [16816] Failed to execute script flasher), that recommended trying a different PC I decided to try it on my Mac.

Only thing I can figure is that I accidentally updated without power going to the power connector. It was only running on USB, and maybe it rebooted(?) while upgrading.