Update From ARRC

The month of October has marked a remarkable period of growth and achievement for our club. The overwhelming turnout and increasing interest from the student body have been incredibly motivating for our team, driving us to push the boundaries in the aerospace industry. Here is what the different subteams were able to achieve this month.

Software Subteam
Our primary focus has been on elevating our technology, transitioning from conventional RFD900 radio frequency telemetry to cutting-edge cellular telemetry. This shift ensures seamless and robust communication, setting the stage for a new era of connectivity. Additionally, we’re implementing an onboard companion computer equipped with a meticulously designed script, enhancing our interaction with Cube Pilot through the Mavlink protocol. This fusion of innovations holds the promise of revolutionizing the performance and versatility of the Cube Pilot for fellow drone enthusiasts.

Electrical Subteam
We have used our Pixhwaks Cubes to great effect in our yearly drone competitions. The cubes make it easy for us to integrate our own custom-built payloads such as camera gimbals and soft robotic claws

Mechanical Subteam
In the past month, we’ve harnessed the capabilities of the Cubepilot to rigorously test our system in various configurations, seeking the optimal setup for our aircraft. Leveraging the Cube Pilot’s versatility, we’ve effortlessly adapted our software to different aircraft styles, ultimately identifying the most competitive configuration for this year’s competition. Looking ahead, as we embark on the design of our shell, the sleek profile of the here 3 GPS ensures that we won’t be hampered by aerodynamic inefficiencies commonly associated with traditional GPS units.