USB cable from Cube Minicarrier

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I Have bought the GPS and Blackcube kit, this one came with the big black carrier. In the other hand, I have bought the minicarrier, this one miss some inputs, like the USB port, the one with the speaker too.

My new Cube came with the USB and SPEAKER cable, but the minicarrier hasnt have that port, just a plug to put the speaker.

So, my question if anyone knows how to plug the USB cable extention on the minicarrier.


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There is a cable. You may have one that came with the standard carrier board.
I missed that you had the cable.

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Hi! May be this picture will better to understand the problem…

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I see, I have the same stuff so I checked and could not get my pc to recognize it using the 3 available ports. Sorry no help here.

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Mini carrier board does not have a connector for Aux USB. It does have a 2-pin buzzer connector. The cube itself has a USB plug. You will have to plug directly into the port on the Cube for USB connection.

See this link for more info on pinouts:

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I already found the buzzer, I just miss the USB port, I know the cube has a USB port, but Im bulding a canopy, so the cube will be inside and the idea is that the customer doenst have to open it to get the telemetry.

But its ok, I appreciatte your help! very clear.


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thanks! great solution!

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This is a smaller, lighter option.
I’ve used them a few times and are happy with them
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks, but the link is broken

Can you check it pls?

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Try this…


Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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great! thanks Steve!