USB mavlink tethering

Hello. I need to share mavlink from herelink via USB without 5GHz hotspot.
If I use WiFi hotspot then everything works as expected, but while using USB tethering i cannot get this working.

In herelink USB Tethering is enabled, in my linux-mint machine, new ethernet interface appears, and herelink assigned me IP: When running route -n command i can see that herelink gateway is, Using wire shark i can see that Herelink sends me some data on port 14551

In QGroundControl on my linux machine I cannot connect to Vehicle. My Comm link configuration is:

I also tried pymavlink python script and all i can get from herelink is HEARTBEAT some time sync, command long and bad data. (I requested telemetry streams in my code)

When using 5GHz hotspot, then telemetry sharing works fine, but for our design we cannot use 5Ghz hotspot, USB tethering only.

i have a few question about your setup.
when you say tethering, usb? or via usb to ethernet?

also the wireshark capture looks like it sending to your machine on many random ports, but originating from 14551?

depending on how you want it to work, you could modify mavlinkrouter to output the telemetry to anywhere you want.

I have connected herelink via USB directly to my laptop that is running linux-mint. Then
I enabled USB tethering in herelink android settings -> hotspot settings -> USB tethering. That caused my linux-mint machine to detect new “virtual” ethernet port called enp0s20u1. So It works simillar to how you can share internet connection on android phones via USB. So far so good. I thought It can work just like sharing mavlink via 5GHz wifi hotspot, where I can connect to herelink in Eavesdropping mode on port 14551, unfourtunetly that’s not the case. I thought that mavlink-router is configured in such a way:

[UdpEndpoint bravo]
Mode = Eavesdropping
Address =
Port = 14551

Judging from HEARTBEAT that i was able to receive, it is coming from QGroundControl running on herelink (mavtype=6 => [MAV_TYPE_GCS]) not from the vehicle.

Can you tell me how I could change mavlink-router settings? Can I login somehow via SSH and change main.conf file?

use adb, not ssh.

using adb you can run
“adb root”
“adb shell”
and change anything you want.
be warned you can break things

Thank You. Warning understood. I’ll try to change some things, and give feedback if it worked.

Can you tell me where I could find mavlink-router configuration file? I’m looking for almost an hour without any luck.

these commands:

find / -name *.conf*
find / -name *router*
find / -name *mavlink*

are not giving anything useful.

I was able to figure out that mavlink router is sitting in /system/bin/mavlink-router.