USB Product IDs for all CubePilot products


I would like to know all the USB product IDs of the CubePilot products so that I can automaticaly identify them in the ArduPilot Methodic Configurator software that I am developing.

So far I have:

            0x2DAE: {'vendor': 'CubePilot', 'PID': {0x1101: 'CubeBlack+',
                                                    0x1001: 'CubeBlack bootloader',
                                                    0x1011: 'CubeBlack',
                                                    0x1002: 'CubeYellow bootloader',
                                                    0x1012: 'CubeYellow',
                                                    0x1004: 'CubeGreen bootloader',
                                                    0x1014: 'CubeGreen',
                                                    0x1005: 'CubePurple bootloader',
                                                    0x1015: 'CubePurple',
                                                    0x1006: 'CubeOrange bootloader',
                                                    0x1016: 'CubeOrange',
                                                    0x1003: 'CubeBlue bootloader',
                                                    0x1013: 'CubeBlue',
                                                    0x1007: 'CubeRed bootloader',
                                                    0x1017: 'CubeRed'

But I am not sure if all are correct and I am sure many are missing.


Where did you get this list from. Have you used the manifest generated by Ardupilot, if so they should be correct. I checked a a few they do look right.

You will need to add HerePro and CubePilot-CANMod as well

HerePro VID/PID is here GNSSPeriph-release/HerePro/hwdef.dat at release · CubePilot/GNSSPeriph-release · GitHub

and for CANMod, its in Ardupilot hwdef