Usb to usb video from herelink to Android tablet. Low latency


I am trying to feed the herelink video directly from my herelink controller to my android 10 tablet (Tripltek 8). I know there is a solution that streams over wifi (wifi tethering) and over usb (usb tethering). These 2 options work but offer too much latency (approx 2 seconds).

The only solution for low latency I found was using a USB to HDMI converter at the output of the herelink and then using another HDMI to USB converter to input into my tablet. It does bring the latency down to approx. 0.2 sec which is great and only requires a USB camera app to be installed on my tablet.
The issue is that I now have a bundle of cables and I need to add external power to my USB to HDMI converter to make it work. All of this is not really user-friendly and seems useless since I’m converting from USB to HDMI and then back to USB.

Is there a way to simply connect my herelink to my Android tablet using a simple USB cable? It would probably require a special app to make it work?

Thanks a lot