USB/Wifi Tethering

On this page, it is written how to share video stream over USB/Wifi tethering. This feature is working.

But the latency of the stream sharing is 1.4sec in average (USB or Wifi), which is too long for a 2nd operator to give feedback to the pilot or to operate.

  • Could you reduce the latency in the next Qgroundcontrol release ?
  • Is it possible for the 2nd operator to move the gimbal as well on its 2nd screen ? So that he is free to look around, while the pilot is taking care of the flight ?


Use Solex or mission planner

Hi Philip,
Do you mean that with Solex and Mission Planner on the Herelink the latency is much smaller ?

Hi @philip ,

Regarding the second point Roger has mentioned, can the control scheme also be mimicked onto the second display over the video stream? Or only sharing video stream is possible where the first user only plays an active role with the second user being a mere spectator?

The example of what I mean to say is wonderfully put by Roger on the second point.