Use all sensors on Cube Black + 2 Here2 GPS

Hi everybody. I have set up a 650 quad with a Cube Black and 2 Here2 GPS (one on I2C, one on CAN).
I was wondering if it is possible to use ALL the sensors this configuration offers (I think that is 4 compasses in total), or if we are limited/it is better to use only 3?
In this case, is it better to use the 2 external compasses and 1 internal, or is it better to use 2 internal and 1 external as if the quad only had 1 GPS?

The limit is 3, best use the external

Hey @philip
Will the compass id be different with CAN and serial?

Yes. Part of the I’d is the bus it is on.

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Great! That would make it good consistent 2 external compasses.

Thanks for the answer @philip. I will then use the 2 external.
The limit of 3 is because the hardware cannot take more (computation power) ? In this case, maybe this limit can be removed with more powerful versions of the Cube? Or doesn’t it make sense to have more than 3?

It makes no sense to use more

Ok, thanks @philip.