Use Herelink as controller device for companion computer


I wanted to ask if it is possible to use Herelink as a controller for a Raspberry/Jetson without using the Pixhawk. At my University we are building a rover, currently we use an Xbox gamepad to control it, but we have a Herelink kit that we would like to use for this purpose, mainly due to the range and video streaming. I tried to find a solution on the internet but unfortunately I couldn’t find a clear answer.

I think is possible, but it is overkill. For drones, they are default found in channels 1 to 4. Most people buy and use it because they wanted more than just control, the ground control applications build for the smart RC.

So if your software on pi or Jetson can decode fast enough, yes.

Xbox gamepad, are you using wired controlling the rover?
on the rover, what flight controller and software are your schools using?