Use sbus out with pwm esc cutt off

Hello everybody , i have to use a circuit braker in my drone using only the herelink. french legislation imposed a rc control of this function without passing by autopilot.
My question is: can i use an Y cable to have sbus signal of the herelink connected to autopilote in a way and connecting sbus to a sbus/pwm converter on the other way to pilote the circuit breaker (esc signal)?

Theoretically, yes, you can use the sbus/pwm converter to control esc signal.

Thank you very much, i bought a frsky sbus to pwm decoder (4 chanels). i set my cut engine to a buuton that send order tu chanel 1 on bus 2.
i only have ground and signal on the sbus 2 of the herelink so i made a wire that can inject 6 v to the fr sky decoder.(4 to 10 v dc input).
french legislation impose that the cut engine not pass trought pixhawk, directly controled by the rx for exemple.

so i have to give Vcc to the decoder and engine cutter. ESC signals input and output only have signal and ground wires.

Do you think all is correct?


Test done it’s ok