Used Herelink, No Product Key, No Reseller History

I recently purchased two used Herelink controllers and air units from a colleague. I just updated the firmware on the controllers and was prompted to enter the Product Key. One controller had a sticker with the key on the back, but the other did not. The person I bought the unit from does not know the product key or the original reseller.

Other posts on this topic are suggesting to contact the reseller. Since I don’t know what reseller the device was purchased from, who do I contact to get a product key?

I can share the serial number for the device if that helps.

Hi Andrew,

Reach Airbot Systems from our contact page, we will help.


I have similar problem
Could you help me

Done !

I have the same issue with my herelink 1.0 beta unit. The Android serial number of my Herelink unit is 626cba93.