Using herelink without pixhawk controller

Hi there :slight_smile:

So basically what i want to do is use the herelink system without a supported flight controller but still have a read out from a PMU on mah used and voltage of the battery. Is this something that can be done or just in my imagination? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reason of asking is i have a few a3 flight controllers lying around from dji but am not able to buy lightbridge 2 systems anymore that work with it. I know it would be the easiest route to go for a cube orange or similar that is compatible but tbh i don’t trust this to the same level as the a3 at this moment in time. This however probably has more todo with my personals skills regarding the cube and groundcontrol app. Learning means crashing generally speaking and i’m now in the process with a small quad with cube controller learning the basics of this β€œnew” flight controller. In the end It has to drive a 30kg copter with expensive payload. Hope someone could give me some feedback on this.


Not sure if this will work.
In your case you need the battery monitoring which mean it requires telemetry. Therefore you need something to mock as a flight controller and send the battery status to Herelink in mavlink protocol.
But I think buying a cheap flight controller is easier, if you are not actually flying it.