Using Solo IMX6 + controller as video link

Anyone here have experience using IMX6 as video link - or suggestions?
It would be nice to clean up unneeded processes like artoo , and RC.

The Solo system is a very good one and I have built several copters using it as the control/telemetry/video link with good success.

Did you try to not connect the IMX6 to telemetry, and use it for video link only?
Did you do any changes to the software runnning on the controller/IMX6 ?

I did these and another larger spray drone to use the full functionality of the Solo system.
If you don’t use the other features your wasting a lot of functionality.
And there is a lot of functionality in the Open Solo firmware.

I did dabble in the Artoo to change flight modes, but in the end found it much easier to change RCMAP

I assume IMX6 is powered by the 14-16.8v battery voltage, what is the 5v connection for?
There is a USB host on IMX6, (normally routed to the expansion bay connector) - do you have any opinion about how hard it would be to add a USB camera and be able to toggle the camera feed from forward, to payload/nadir camera? - not to mention PIP, (I guess your sprayer could use that too)

There are a lot of people out there who built FrankenSolos :slight_smile:
Most of which use the full system though. Code would need some rework to do video only but I’m sure it can be done.

A more complete analysis here: