Using The controller with pc

Hey Guys,

Is there a way to control the drone via the pc with the herelink setup? I thought the easiest way would be to connect the controller to the pc somehow. Can anyone help me?

Yours Rubicon.

You can try this.

Hey Mike,

I‘am absolutly a newbie :sweat_smile:, so sorry if i did not understand. My task is to Control The Drone via Pc. And the Challenge is use a own positioning System. And I have not even a clue how to start.

With the Link you posted: i Would ne able to Control the Drone from pc?

Yours, Rubicon

Hi Rubicon,when you say “use a own positioning System”, do you mean you use your own Ground Control System?
By using herelink set,ou can build communication between your drone and pc, and control your dron by mission planner(on your pc).

Yes as a ground Control System. I Just wonder my Pc has a ethernet internet connection no wifi. Ist would still work, or? To connect to The herelink?

Thanks For your efforts :+1:t3:.
I appreciate it

You can connect your controller to your pc with usb and build a connection with your airunit, then you will able to control your drone on your pc.(please check the link above )