Using wifi telemetry module(ESP07S) while connected to mobile hotspot(internet) in laptop


I’m using ESP07S wifi telemetry module and pixhawk cube orange.
(새로운 MAVLink2 Pixhawk APM 비행 컨트롤러 FPV 드론 스마트 폰 테이블 용 안테나가 있는 2.4G 무선 Wifi 라디오 원격 측정 모듈| | - AliExpress)

I want to use this telemetry while using mobile hotspot on the laptop.
but, because laptop is already connected to mobile hotspot, I can’t connected to wifi telemetry because wifi connection is already occupied.
RF telemetry is free from this problem, but because I have local legal restrictions, I can’t use RF telemetry.
I’m making some toy project GCS and it needs internet connections while using telemetry.

I will try wifi dongle on the laptop but want to hear about better solution

I found that connecting two network simultaneously is possible although my laptop have only one lan card.

and that wifi telemetry is open sourced, it seems to be able to change it to other than AP mode.

When you are trying to dual home networks like that it will cause problems. Leave the connection to the internet as is, but change the IP address to manual for the wifi link to the telm module, and put the same IP you had previously assigned and subnet but remove the gateway IP address and see if that will allow you to work properly. This should keep your device from trying to go to the internet via the telm link.

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