V1.1 Air Unit ETH Issue, is there a way to test?

Got 2 new Herelink complete units with V1.1 Air, intended to be used with IP cameras.
One set worked great straight out of the box while on the second one im never able to connect to the camera and so far i have tested the following.

  1. Unplug camera from the non functioning unit and plug it straight to the functioning one with the functioning cable. Camera works!
  2. Original functioning unit Camera and spare with the “non” functioning unit cable: Both cameras work
  3. Bind the “non” funtioning air unit to the functioning GCS and no image. As also tested the opposite and Got image.
  4. In addition to all of the above i added a static ip on my laptop with Gateway and using a 4pin ETH adapter connected over to my laptop lan with no connection success. (found a post where Michael was saying to a user wanting to connect a companion to give a .11 gateway. Tested this also with no success)
    What i found testing connection to my laptop is that the LAN leds on my laptop plug are dead when connected to the V1.1ETH , while when i connect to a router, even though ip setting are wrong, they do light up.

My question to @Michael_Oborne and @philip is: is there a way to check that the ETH port work or no? Because based on the above tests im finding that i have an Air unit which is fine and one which is not.

@Michael_Oborne @philip

@philip I’m tagging you again on an updated version of my test, based on comments about my original test from the vendor.

Can you verify firmware on both units?