Vibe (1), Vibe (2) is not Coming in the log and Upon putting the drone in the position hold mode compass shooted up (shown orange) in the EKF status

Hi users,

I was doing the flight test of M1000 drone with Pixhawk cube (black) as flight controller. First I have taken the flight in stabilize mode, the flight gone quite good in this mode. After 4-5 minutes of flight I have put the drone in position hold mode and suddenly I have heard continuous beep from the drone and seen the compass was orange on the EKF STATUS in the Hud display of the Mission planner. At that moment My throttle command was slightly down and I was scared , but the drone was landed safely .

The flight log link of the corresponding flight is given below with this post. As I am willing to do give missions to the this drone , please suggest me whether flying the drone in position hold mode would be safe or not. And please suggest me whether I need to modify any parameters or not.
Log link:

Note: In the log no warning or nothing is showing.
@Alvin Please suggest me regarding this.

As you mentioned no warning was showing between switching to PosHold and landing, I can’t really figure out what happened.

The throttle was holding itself well with no significant voltage change.

Achieved attitudes were matching with desired attitudes. No throttle drop was recorded.

There were also no sign of magnetic interference.
You may post the log to Ardupilot forum as their community understands better on the algorithm.
If it was not hardware problem, there are limited explanations we could tell.

Ok , thank you for your response…Have a good day