Vibration Dampending - Cube Orange

Hey all,

We’re receiving a big difference in vibration readings between the IMUs.
I’d like to know if this is normal, or is it something to be worried about.

Regardless of the differences - we are looking for solutions to our Z axis vibrations, on a hard mounted Cube Orange (or maybe adding dampers…). If anyone has an advice to give - we’ll be happy to hear!

We’re trying to reduce vibrations, in order to setup the Harmonic Notch filter and tune the PID values.
Log file: here

I’ve seen some posts on vibration issues on this forum, if anyone can add suggestion regarding our specific log file - that’ll be great!

i would start mechanically looking at why throttle is influencing vibration so much.
out of balance prop? motor?

look into enabling FTT logging on all imus as well, to see what frequency’s you are hitting, as it might point to a specific item on the airframe.

In general yes there is normally a difference between imus, however the magnitude of the vibrations on your frame are too large. IE spike like that on the 3rd imu z axis are not normal.

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Thanks, Micheal.
We were more focused on frame and dampening issues, rather than motors or props. We’ll definitely look into propeller or motors issues.
(I also just noticed that it is also suggested on ArduPilot documentation)