Vibration dampers PixHawk 2.1


I don´t know I have read this or not, but can I use rubers dumpers under the Cube 2.1?


As standard the Cube should be hard mounted and by vibrations then worked out the system ideally. Isolating the FC is very last resort in normal use cases and only very large or complex setups is where it may be needed.

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I’ve always flown Cubes hard-mounted, until a large 24-inch prop quad with retracts started registering high Z=axis vibes when the gear gets underneath the propwash, upsetting the EKF.
As it is running stable, damping the FC was the fastest solution, but I’m sure running 4.0 with dynamic notch filtering will allow me to get rid of damping.


thanksss for your comments! @ThePara how large is the high Z your register?


For some setups, a vibration isolation mount is desirable, particularly to manage vibration on the 3rd IMU. You should always check prop and motor balance, motor fasteners, frame fasteners/folding mechanisms, as well as any other sources of vibration like LiDARS or Gimbals before resorting to a seperate vibration mount.

If you do use a mount, make sure the centre of rotation is inline with the IMU board, otherwise rotational vibration will be picked up as lateral acceleration. This includes mounts based on my original design for the APM/Pixhawk (example).

I released a new design a few months back specifically for the Cube that addresses this issue:

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can use a service like Shapeways and upload the STL files for high quality SLS prints.

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