Video compression

Hi everyone,

Is there any option to change type of video compression on herelink Air unit? I tried different types of camera (A6000, A7II, GoPro 7), but even though I had full Uplink bandwidth (16000kbps), high signal strength (-85dbm) it was still possible to see lot of artifacts at video. Video was captured from RTSP.

I would like to mention, that I checked difference between HDMI outputs qualtiy from camera and from herelink air unit. Clearly there is some type of compression

When there is no movement in front of camera, uplink rate ranges from 100 to 200kbps. When I put moving object in front of camera uplink rate raised to 2000kbps max.

Is there any possibility to change setting (maybe firmware?) inside Herelink Air Unit so compression algorithm will use full uplink bandwidth? My use case requires real-time (some small latency is no problem; 0-2s) high quality video from radio link. There is no option for doing any records on camera. I don’t need lossless quality, but in case there will be any improvements, it will be awesome.

May the Force be with you