Video connectivity problem on Beta Firmware


I am testing Beta Firmware currently.

I noticed that QGC on majority of the start ups e.g. after battery change does not detect the video stream anymore. It is waiting forever. Powering everything down and up again, powering up and down the air unit only, plug Hdmi out and in again…these measures may reactivate the video on some occasions. Once video is there it is rock solid…until next battery change.

Enabling and disabling video stream in QGC, stop and force stop QGC, chafe 1080 to 720… These measures do not seem to help at all.

Last hour today I was not able to get video back working at all.

I know that the setup is fine as on stable it was working fine. The issue occurred on very rare occasions only on stable firmware and could always be resolved by powering the Copter down and up again.

You will immediately know from the LEDs on the air unit if the stream is ok or not. If ok, one of the LEDs is blinking red. I am usually on HDMI in 2. But same issue with HDMI in 1.

Setup is FLIR Vue Pro R with AV to HDMI converter. As said before this setup has been working fine on stable firmware.

Any ideas or same experiences in the community?



Rolled back to stable firmware in order to test.

Video connection ist just fine on stable firmware.

Must be some issue with the beta release.