Video Feed & Photo Triggering with one camera?


Am planning on getting a HereLink and a Sony A6000.

is it possible to have the camera transmit the video and at the same time trigger from the FCs set mission ?

If not, what is the best way to go about having video feed and an RGB camera trigger ? what setup is best for this ?

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This product does the job:

Hello Linnar,

thank you for your reply.

How does this work ?

i could only find this to read VP-Systems - Remote Controlled Video & Photography and it sounds its a just a trigger mechanism ? please correct me if am wrong .

How would i feed the video from A6000 to HereLink transmitter and also be able to trigger from the FC ?

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just buy the cheapest remote shutter for sony, go to ardupilot sony shutter wiki page and you have done for 10usd

Yes you are correct these are just for triggering the camera as are the Seagull products and a few others. The most elegant way if you have a Herelink is the Airpixel Entire with Mavcam

i saw that was not sure if i could still have the video feed on herelink , can i ?

i wont lie, seeing the diagram makes more sense than reading manual pages with connection names i dont understand !
Thank you for sharing this!