Video is not screen with HDMI FPV out camera and Herelink


i`m testing with hdmi out camera and Herelink.

HDMI fpv camera is this product. (URL)

and when connect FPV camera and monitor, video is screen on monitor.
not screen with Herelink.
i heard about some camera is not suitable with Herelink.

but i need this HDMI out FPV camera.
so can you help me for using This FPV camera ?
can i screen video adjust some parameter ?

It simply looks not compatible

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You can try to connect camera so that when powering your craft and herelink, keep camera hdmi cable connected to air unit hdmi IN1, when everything else is powered up and the boot sequence is done, connect power to your camera, could be that herelink will then regonaise your hdmi signal from the camera. Works for me with another brand cheap pilot (action) cam, takes a moment to picture to show up but its solid after that. Good luck and dont fry your equipement, this method worked for me, cant guarantee what it does in your set up. :zipper_mouth_face:

I am using the Foxeer Box 2 with HDMI. it was working fine, but the battery kept dying on the Box 2(it only stayed on for 12-15 min), so I went into the app for the Box 2 and changed the resolution down to 1080P 60Hrz. and that worked good for a while on the bench testing and the camera stayed on for an hour. But now the video feed does not show up on the screen at all.
Is there a setting in the Herelink that needs to be adjusted, or is it something in the camera?