Video of my gimbal setup




Very nice setup, may I please ask where did you get your frame from? May I ask how heavy is the frame? What gimbal are you using? I am trying to set up some thing similar, but the frame seems to be heavy.

Really keen to see your gimbal up and running. Good luck, you have made good progress keep up the good work and thanks for the video. You can see mine under Herelink Throttle Calibration topic.

Hi Ganesh.
Thanks for interest. My frame is 2.14kg without batteries and payload. The Gimbal with camera is 1.1kg so total without battery is 3.24kg. It can take a variety of 6s batteries. Im using 8Ah and 12Ah. Just tested endurance the 12Ah - 20 mins with 25% remaining.
As you see gimbal comes of easily.
I designed and printed everything. Its a ‘tidied up’ version a larger quad a was using last year. (see the Q7 on my youtube channel). When I get time I will upload the STL files to Grabcad.


Hello Vince,

I am so sorry I have not got back to you for a long time. My quad frame is 1890g and the 6S 10000mAh battery is 1000g. It will fly for about 35min without the camera. The motor 320KV and the props are 17X5.5. I am using the cube and the Herelink.

Not impressed with the flying time, hence I have pulled it apart and weighed all the parts including wires in order to cut weight where ever possible. I want 60 min flying time without the camera, and at least 50 min with the camera.

Looking to invest in a 3D printer, but the parts produced may be heavier than carbon fiber and plastic not sure.

One other option is to change the flight controller to something lighter, the cube weight is 70g with the standard carrier board. The Here 2 is another 50g, I have noticed other flight controller and GPS combo which are lighter.

I have managed to reduce the weight of the frame by 120g so far, keeping the rigidity and safety aspect intact. The dam motor weight is 160g each, also investing in alternate lighter motor options.

May I please have the link to your YouTube channel?

Thank You.

Hi Ganesh.
If you are getting 35mins I would be quite happy with that. Most drones are in the 20-30 mins range fully equipped with good camera. I think its possible to design a light frame with 3d printing because you can minimize the number of components, joints and fasteners. Also you can choose print infill density and wall thickness to suit the loads.
I think you found my youtube channel?
The gimbal is available to download here. Im working on a new version with better vibration isloators. The TPU ones are not great.

Hello @Vince

Thank you for your reply, there are off the self drones we could buy which will fly for 30 min, and has 3 axis 4k camera. If your building something you have to do better than something you can purchase. If not it will not be worth the time and effort you have invested. See the Foxtech Peeper which flies for around 47 min.

I have considered other flight controller options, because the cube with standard carrier board and the Here 2 GPS weighs in at 120 grams, without any luck.

One more option to try, and if this does not succeed then I will abandon the project all together, and move on. Oh bye the way my new frame weighs in around 280 grams.

Have you by any chance tested the Herelink range? this is another hurdle and I have seen other real world tests video and not impressed with the range. For all the money I have spent in research I could have easily bought 4 or 5 Mavic Pro 2.

My Mi 4K drone could easily do 1800 - 2000 m and has flying time of 27 min, with 3 axis gimbal and 4k camera. The battery is the heaviest part. Looking at alternatives for the Lipo battery as well.

All the best with your research, please do a test range for the Herelink and add the video, this will attract a lot of viewers to you blog.