Video/picture on Solex advice please Alvin

Hi Alvin I have the video working good on my herelink using a Hawkeye split camera,my question is can I take A snapshot as well many thank’s.

You should be able the take picture and video in Solex. In that case, picture/video are saved in a screen capture style.

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Marty, I have the naked Hawkeye mini split 4K Industrial, with HDMI. I can’t seem to get this setup to work with my Herelink. I use Solex 1.1.7 and I constantly get errors when I try to use video on the Herelink. I set the camera (using the 3 buttons on the split mini) to 1080 30 fps resolution at 16:9, and I also tried 1080 60 fps and 720 at 30 fps. Always errors. Any Ideas on what I may be missing? Some have suggested power cycling the Herelink a few seconds after the HDMI camera is powered.

Hi,John,I think if memory serves me right,I unplugged the hdmi cable from the herelink airside unit and replugged it nack in and it worked very well