Video Recording Issue


I am currently trying to record my videos onto an SD card plugged into the Herelink ground unit. Here are some issues that I face:

  1. Under the video stream tab, I pressed record and the screen freezes for a moment, loses video feed and when the video feed returns, it shows that it is not recording.
  2. After recording successfully, I remove the SD card to take a look at the output video, there are no files recorded at all.



@Airpork The videos are not recorded on Herelink Remote Controller. Currently, they are recorded on Air Unit only.


Hope this will be solved soon!


my experience is similar to this. when i first press record, the screen freezes and when it comes back i have to press record again for it to actually start recording. i can find my video files, but even though i have an sd card inserted, they are being saved directly to the ground unit’s internal storage. I can get them off by connecting the ground unit to a computer via usb and setting up the ground units usb mode to be file transfer instead of just charging. besides the obvious problem of not bring able to tell the videos to save to the sd card, my bigger problem is that when i am recording and i tell it to switch video streams the recording stops. has anyone found a solution to this yet?