Video Sharing and Telemetry Sharing with Herelink

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Hello all,

It is possible to share the video on the Herelink ground module using “Video Share” option. It has a bit of a latency though, on my system, around 2-3 seconds of latency. Any way to improve that?

Also, is it possible to share the telemetry data?


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Most latency will come from setup of the streaming service.

Its best if the receive end is using a GPU, and doing the decompression in hardware…

As we do more work on this, we will start to publish some how to’s

(Jorge Parrilla) #3

Hi good night.
I just get my herelink, and i need to share the vídeo to a bigger screen or mirror screen, do you know what can i do? Thanks a lot

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(Ddomit) #4

I have the same problem,

Or how can we get the image to a bigger screen?

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In this tutorial i use VLC but you can use any player that can accept url stream source like the IP players or smart IPTV players.


Right click on the picture >> open Picture in a new tab or new window

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Camera stream_1 to Laptop

try it :slight_smile:

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(Ddomit) #7

@Julien Thank you for that solution! The problem is that i have to have a vlc player installed in some computer. :frowning:

@philip I believe there is a better way to do screen mirroring, if you want i can help…

The best way to do it would be to enable the CAST option on android and literally mirror the whole screen to the TV/Chromecast… I think to do this we would have to go to the home menu and probably install another app. I offer my help to see which way is possible to do this, i would just need a way to go into the home screen.

Let me know if I can be of help or if you find a way to mirror the screen.




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(Ddomit) #9

@sidbh Is there anyway i can do this to be able to cast the screen? I tried it from the cast menu in settings, but no devices appear there :frowning: I think I could get it to work with an external app if i can get access to the home screen.

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I was trying to do this too, and on my tablet I Put the video streaming configuration on the video Source from the General Options on QGround Control, and now I have all the data replicated, on my tablet I have the video an all the telemetry and drone control. BUT, you only can see the camera the remote is looking at.

If its a different way or its posible to see booth signals at the same time will be great


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(js) #11

I’m curious with Robomotic as to if it were at all possible to be able to see both HDMI ports simultaneously. The transmitter unit seemingly has enough bandwidth to do so. Why is there up to 20 second delay to switch between the two?
I need to be able to remote pilot the drone through one FPV(hdmi) camera and use the other port for gimbal mounted operations.


Hopefully in the future. We are working on the switch delays

(Mark Rosser) #13

Is it possible to broadcast the Mavlink serial signal to another device eg a PC running Mission planner. Does the herelink have a Bluetooth module if so do you plan on using this with SPP protocol to broadcast to another device. If this is possible I could use the transmitter for video feed and not connect to QC ( mavlink to other device ) I assume I will still have RC control.

(__Airbot Systems) #14

Yes, you can connect the herelink to Mission planer if you want.

(Mark Rosser) #15

Thanks Julien,
Connected to mission planner (UDP) via herelink hotspot, I find out tomorrow if I can stream video at the same time.

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(Roger Paudex) #16

Do you mean in the future we will be able to get simultaneously both video stream directly in the ground receiver? If yes, when is it planned to be released?

(Bilal Akhtar) #17

how do you connect herelink to Mission Planner on PC? I need help.

(__Airbot Systems) #18

Have look in the docs.
Follow the steps 1 & 2. After that open mission Planner and connect via UDP + default port

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(Bilal Akhtar) #19

Thanks, Julien.

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(__Airbot Systems) #20

We added a new tutorial :