Video Sharing for Alternate IP Camera

Hi All,

I have an IP camera connected to my Herelink air unit over ethernet. I am able to view the video on the Herelink in QGC. I would like to share this video with a PC over the WiFi AP. Is that possible?

I know it is possible to share the HDMI video that the Herelink air unit encodes. However, when I try to access the RTSP stream from my IP camera over the AP, there is no connection. I suspect the re-broadcasting/re-encoding function built into the herelink only works with the native video streams.

Does anyone know if this is true? Can anyone shed light on how the Herelink is re-broadcasting the HDMI encoded video?

Hi there,

Although I am not sure about how to answer your question, I was hoping you could tell me how you configured the IP camera to be viewed in QGC. Could you give me the information about how you did this? I want to do the same thing but I had a hard time finding the right information. I also want to know the answer to your original question too.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @DroneWrangler,

Just curious if you saw my last message. How did you set things up to see the IP video on the Herelink in QGC?

Sure thing. I do not wish to derail this thread so I started another with the instructions:

To update this topic, I have not yet found a way to bridge the IP camera to the WiFi sharing. My next step will be to research how the existing video sharing works. Depending on the method chosen, we may be able to re-purpose or replicate it.

Edit: The post below explains one possible way to do it. I can’t set static routes on the camera but can on the GCS computer. That might be enough for the RTSP to route correctly. I’ll give it a try tomorrow.