Video stream not working when telemtry on

Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem with Herelink and Sony RX100 Camera. I updated latest firmware for both GCS and Air Unit.

  • When I connect camera HDMI and Telemtry from Cube Orange and then power up, I have telemtry in QgroundControl but NO VIDEO. The screen said “Waiting for video”.
  • When I only connect camera HDMI, I have video in QGroundControl, it works all the time.
  • When I connect HDMI and wait for video in QGroundControl, then connect Telemetry Cable, then I can have both video and telemetry.

Does anyone know what is the reason for this problem. Any comment is appreciated, thank you very much!

How long did you wait for the vedio signal after you power up airunit and cube?
Does the camera screen turn dark after power up?

Hi Mike, I waited for a few minutes but the video didn’t show up in Herelink QgroundControl, but the camera screen still turned dark after power up. So that is why I thought the problem is from Herelink AirUnit.

Today I find out that if I disable Mavlink function in Ardupilot for my ADSB FLARM module in Serial2, I can get both telemetry and video after power up, video came about 20seconds after power up the camera.

Do you know how can I get the debug log file for Herelink Air Unit? I think it can help solve this problem but I don’t know how can I get this log.

I look forward to you answer. Thanks a lot!

You can use adb command to generate bug report.