Video stream over udp


Is video streaming over udp from the air unit to the controller possible?.. im thinking of lowering the latency as im getting very bad latency roughly 300-400ms… flying up in the open air is fine with this latency… but flying close to a crane or bridge is really not recommend at this latency…


Just for my info. are you saying the video stream on the herelink is not that great, how far away are you flying? I have been thinking about getting a herelink but if it isn’t that great would rather not pay 800 for something that doesn’t operate to advertised specs.


Any latency over about 120ms will be from your camera.
What camera are you using?


Im using gopro hero 5 and 6… i tried with other camera with the same result… plugging my camera to the hdmi monitor shows very little lag around 50ms… where did the 300ms comes from


Just doing a test flight around my office… the video is smooth with 720p but stutters with 1080p… even though the video is smooth on 720p, the latency is quite bad for me…


This is not an FPV rig…