Video stream starting issue?

We have an issue with our video stream, it does not start reliable. In one in ten starts the stream starts only after some time when the video feed is updated.

We have already found several reasons on the video source side, but I have the impression that it is now an issue relating to the HereLink.

There is this warning showing up, is that an hint towards the issue and can we do anything to resolve it?

Hello Tobias,

I observed the same behaviour in herelink units. I don’t know but it seems to me that the video processing on it with QGC is relatively slow. I noticed also that the boot sequence between herelink and drone matters, if I am not mistaken, you should first turn on your herelink and then the drone, it seems to me that startup process on herelink is way slow and I notice that when I open QGC, while downloading parameters and mission the video freezes for a time and then it returns normally.

Have already tested the same cameras with other transceiver running QGC with video stream and it is way faster.