Video Transmission in Australia

Hey all,

I have been looking at digital video tranmission from a camera to a ground control station for 350m+. There is plenty of units available like the Accsoon Cineeye Pro 2 but they are made for video cameras and are quite bulky.
Due to our laws in Australia, most of the “20km Video Transmission” units from outside Australia dont fall within the Radiocommunication laws (

I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to transmit video from the camera on the aircraft to the GCS using two Herelink Air Modules like: Hi! i have a question : if i just buy the " herelink air unit " how can i communicate the controller to the pc without having to buy the " herelink ground control unit "

  2. What are my best options that are legal in Australia (not including buying a herelink Tx or DJI goggles plugged into a screen with a HDMI)

Most of the video Tx units like the Accsoon max out around the 300 to 400m mark before the price jumps to about $8K.

Thanks for the help.


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